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Feels So Good CD CD, DVD, BLU-RAY lemez, ajándék tárgyak (póló, baseball sapka)

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Feels So Good
Grover Washington, Jr.
első megjelenés éve: 1992

3.324 Ft 


Kosaramba teszem
1.  The Sea Lion
2.  Moonstreams
3.  Knucklehead
4.  It Feels So Good
5.  Hydra

Grover Washington, Jr. - Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)
Al Brown - Viola
Alan Raph - Trombone, Trombone (Bass)
Alfred Brown - Viola
Amanuel Vardi - Viola
Barry Finclair - Violin
Barry Rogers - Trombone
Bob James - Arranger, Piano, Piano (Electric), Synthesizer
Bob Millikan - Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Charles McCracken - Cello
David Nadien - Violin
David Taylor - Trombone, Trombone (Bass)
Emanuel Green - Violin
Eric Gale - Guitar
Gary King - Bass
Guy Lumia - Violin
Harold Kohon - Violin
Harry Lookofsky - Violin
James Madison - Drums
John Frosk - Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Jon Faddis - Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Kenneth "Spider Webb" Rice - Drums
Kenneth Webb - Drums
Lewis Eley - Violin
Louis Johnson - Bass
Max Ellen - Violin
Max Elln - Violin
Ralph MacDonald - Percussion
Randy Brecker - Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Raoul Poliakin - Violin
Seymour Barab - Cello
Sidney Weinberg - Horn (English), Oboe
Steve Gadd - Drums
The Manny Vardi Strings - Viola

Creed Taylor - Producer
Van BanGelder - Engineer

The aptly titled and much-sampled Feels So Good represents the creative apex of Grover Washington, Jr.'s sublime electric funk sound. Its shimmering, soulful grooves refute the argument that smooth jazz is little more than mere ambience, combining expert playing and intricate songwriting to create music that is both compelling and comforting. Arranger Bob James is in top form here, creating the spacious, rich milieus that are his trademark, but regardless of the name above the title, bassist Louis Johnson is the real star of the show. His supple rhythms percolate like coffee, adding oomph to the bottom of highlights "Hydra" and "Knucklehead" while Washington's cream-and-sugar soprano sax solos soar over the top.
---Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

Grover Washington, Jr.

Active Decades: '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s
Born: Dec 12, 1943 in Buffalo, NY
Died: Dec 17, 1999
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Soul-Jazz, Fusion, Contemporary Jazz, Crossover Jazz, Quiet Storm

One of the most popular saxophonists of all time, Grover Washington, Jr. was long the pacesetter in his field. His roots were in R&B and soul-jazz organ combos, but he also fared very well on the infrequent occasions when he played straight-ahead jazz. A highly influential player, Washington pushed himself with the spontaneity and risk-taking of a masterful jazz musician.
Grover Washington, Jr.'s, father also played saxophone and was his first influence. The younger son started playing music when he was ten, and within two years was working in clubs. He picked up experience touring with the Four Clefs from 1959-1963 and freelancing during the next two years, before spending a couple years in the Army. He moved to Philadelphia in 1967, becoming closely identified with the city from then on, and worked with several organists, including Charles Earland and Johnny Hammond Smith, recording as a sideman for the Prestige label. His biggest break occurred in 1971, when Hank Crawford could not make it to a recording date for Creed Tasylor's Kudu label; Washington was picked as his replacement, and the result was Inner City Blues, a big seller. From then on he became a major name, particularly after recording 1975's Mister Magic and Feels So Good, and later 1980's Winelight; the latter included the Bill Withers hit "Just the Two of Us."
Although some of his recordings since then found him coasting a bit, Washington usually stretched himself in concert. He developed his own personal voices on soprano, tenor, alto, and even his infrequently-used baritone. Grover Washington Jr. recorded as a leader for Kudu, Motown, Elektra, and Columbia and made notable guest appearances on dozens of records ranging from pop to straightforward jazz. He died of a sudden heart attack on December 17, 1999 while taping an appearance on CBS television's The Saturday Early Show; Washington was 56. The posthumous Aria was issued early the following year.
---Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

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